Пульт управления для болларда проводной

Пульт управления для болларда проводной

It can also be operated by any access control equipment or manually with a hand pump. The Raptor is ideal for the following conditions: Minimal excavation – where underground utilities, high water tables or other site conditions limit excavation depth Non-standard roadway widths – it can secure narrow roadways more cost effectively than typical three-bollard arrays Pedestrian and bicycle access – non-vehicular traffic can move through freely while the bollards are in the secure position Safe operation – unlike many wedge-style barriers, there are no hazardous pinch points and no need for a safety skirt High-speed impacts – where the roadway layout allows vehicles to reach higher speeds Minimal setbacks – where critical assets or equipment are located close to entrances (such as in urban areas) and a high level of security is required regardless of potential vehicle speed Fast deployment – where the barrier needs to be deployed quickly because it is located close to a guard booth and reaction time is therefore minimal Site restrictions – where flush mounting with the roadway surface is required for snow plowing or where buttresses and posts used in other barrier designs would prevent access to wide vehicles High traffic – used as a final denial, this barrier can be used in tandem with standard traffic arms to quickly process a high number of vehicles Architectural appeal – contemporary style offers a modern twist on the typical bollard design Flexible controls – bollards can be controlled independently or in small groups to create more zones of control The XT-2200 Retractable Bollard provides ASTM M50-P1 and PAS 68 crash tested security and offers a great alternative to both wedge barriers and standard bollards.

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Цены на болларды автоматические fadini

Преимуществ у такого вида блокировки очень и очень много.

К ним относятся как хорошие антивандальные свойства .

так возможность свободного движения велосипедистов, людей с колясками, пешеходов.

А когда боллард находится в закрытом положение ( не выдвинут над поверхностью) он отсутствует, и это дает возможность свободного движения автомобилей.

Эти устройства имеют очень много различных преимуществ.